Oculus Launchpad Dev Week 3

Pretty slow week since I’m out of town, but got a few things going. I hadn’t done any coding for a couple of weeks and it feels good to get back at it. I’m keeping things simple and modular for now. I’d like to have a dozen or so bits of functionality that I can mix and match down the road.

Rather than start a new scene to demonstrate each script, I’m just throwing things into one environment. It’s a fairly messy way to work, but it suits me and allows me to better visualize how different components can work together.

I was thinking it might be neat to interact with the world using your laser eyes; who doesn’t want to be Cyclops? The obvious choice is to destroy things but I’m also playing around with changing colors, morphing objects, resizing and other non-destructive/violent functionality. Nothing against good old-fashioned violence, just giving myself options :D

Anywho, I’m with family for another week then back to LA just in time to move out of my car and into an actual apartment. I’m a little stressed about costs but I need the stability in order to focus my energy on this Oculus stuff. If I don’t get funding I’m gonna be in a spot… and yet, if I’m going to do this I’d rather buy myself the time and space I need to focus and give my best. It’s a gamble but at least I’m betting on myself :)

Welp, that’s all really. Gonna keep scripting until I get back. New ideas are already emerging so despite the ever-present hum of anxiety, I think it’s going pretty well.

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