Oculus Launchpad Dev Week 5

It’s a really sad day to be a black person in America today, as it was yesterday, as it will be tomorrow.  Philando Castile is on my mind; I can’t stop hearing the voice of his daughter trying to comfort her mother after she watched the life drain out of him.

Onward. The only thing I can do.

Last week I returned from an intense but good trip back east visiting my family. I ended up bringing the flu back to LA and I had to move, so that was fun. I stressed about getting work done and a post up for week 4 but, the reality is sometimes shit happens and sometimes you gotta do your best and take a rest.

Welp, now I’m mostly moved in. Got a bed, picked up a desk today, gonna set up my computer tonight. Mostly over the flu, went for a quick run yesterday and feeling pretty good (and sore!). I’m in a pretty good place though and think it’ll be a good space to focus.

As far as work goes, I’m super stressed feeling really behind. On the flipside, I’d feel that way no matter where I was at. I know some folks are just getting started, coming up with ideas, only just got their hardware etc so I’m trying to temper my anxiety and just push forward.

Yesterday I made a shrink ray which is pretty fun. I wrote before about taking a modular approach to design so I’m still working in that fashion. There’s a lot you can do with limited functionality if you think outside the box. I’ve been wanting to make a game about street harassment – what if I make a project where you respond to harassment by giving offenders micropenises? :D Or if we wanna get topical how ’bout giving Trump tiny little hands? We’ll see…

Anyway, I gotta make up for lost time. Gotta grind this week. Gotta move forward. It’s what I can do. Onward.

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