Oculus Launch Pad Dev Week 10

Wha, what day is it? Welp I went in a hole for a week and this is what I came out with.

I have to say, I wanted every day of the launchpad sesh to be like this week, but I’m still super grateful to get this kind of time to myself. It’s so nice to dive in, focus and learn, and it really is a luxury that few people have.

Since we only had a couple of weeks and change left to apply, I decided to devote one week to learning a lot of the technical skills I didn’t have and using the second week to build a decent demo based on what I’d learned. No idea what’s happening this week, but last week I felt pretty kickass.*

*save for the crippling anxiety about how behind I am and yada yada

I pretty much followed a schedule, every day working on a new aspect of 3D asset creation. I hit a snag on Thursday when my rig broke and i had no idea why. Then I built a new one that had even worse problems. It was very suck –  but I did learn about weight painting, what to do when rando vertices are giving you trouble, aaaand how to rig a quadraped with inverse kinematics. Stressful at times, but super fun.

Oh, and UV mapping which I only learned enough about to realize it’s a real pain. Painting textures was neat, even though I ended up liking the aesthetic of using photo textures. It’s something I picked up for a game I made called “I’m So Glad You Came” – I like to use super enlarged photos of relevant imagery to paint my drawings. In this case, the pig is textured with a distorted image of pig intestines. It’s gross and I love it. I also like the aesthetic with a low poly model, as it kind of feels like origami.

So this week I’ll be focusing less on learning and more on building out an experience. I’ve got some asset creation to do and some coding, plus I’ve got to take a break to apply to an art residency…so it’s not gonna be pretty, but, eh, I’ll sleep in September.

Y’know, for all the stress, doubt and hardship I dealt with, I’ve already gained so much from this experience. I didn’t know anything about VR a few months ago, had never made a 3D game, had no clue about modeling, using Maya, Blender, had no concept of the workflow much less thought I’d be able to do it all myself. It’s really…exciting :)

Alright, I’m still here, I’m still going. But right now I’m going to collapse in an heap on the bed…..ZZzzzzz

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