‘Ye or Nay?

‘Ye or Nay? is a polemical take on the classic game Guess Who?, where all of the characters are Black men, and half of them are Kanye West. Eschewing the binarized identities of its predecessor, ‘Ye or Nay? allows us to examine the language we use to describe and differentiate Black men: What does it mean to say “brown skin” when all of the subjects are Black?

‘Ye or Nay? also wrestles with the issue of the problematic fave, providing a critical analysis of popular Black men from a position of cultural subjectivity. What has each given and taken from The Culture? Can we love our icons while still holding them accountable? Is it a call out, or a genuine expression of our care, our pain, our disappointment, and, our love, because we are always rooting for everybody Black, even when everybody Black ain’t rooting for us?

See the prototype and concept work below. Play the beta at yeornay.cool






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