In Passing v.2


In Passing v.2 is about listening, sharing, making and holding space for those who otherwise may not be granted full, unburdened participation in public space. Femmes and non-binary folks talk about their experience moving through the world in their particular body.

Each avatar is placed on a white pedestal which rises as their story goes on. At the end of the story, the listener is presented with a virtual cookie.

Those in social justice circles will immediately recognize the “ally cookie” which is distributed from the podium at the conclusion of each narrative. Collecting all of the cookies reveals a secret room filled with gallons of milk and applause. Ally theater demands a reward.

In Passing v.2 explores the gamification of pro-social behavior as mediated through the so-called “empathy machine” of virtual reality. As narrative VR games and film proliferate, we should caution against the potential for voyeurism and exploitation. If we really want to use VR for social good, we need to go beyond empathy, and insist on accountability.

We should strive to create lasting positive impact, both for those who tell stories, and those who listen.

Exhibitions: Ars Electronica. Feminist Climate Change: Beyond The Binary




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